Watch-out: You can know who is working hard and who is not

Tracking man-power utilization is very important for project success. Resource Sheet view helps you to define the resource information of your project. Double-click the name of the resource and define the resource availability to the project.

After assigning this resource the task, Project checks the availability of the resource and marks the task with red color stick man if the workload is more or outside the availability in Gantt Chart view. This view doesn’t list how much the resource is loaded.

You can use the Resource Usage view to know who does what work, and the work assigned with remaining availability. Based on the requirement, change the time-scale (View tab, Timescale: dropdown). Right click the time-phased portion to insert the Remaining Availability field.

So, where are your resources are working hard and where not?


One thought on “Watch-out: You can know who is working hard and who is not”

  1. Thats a great tip on setting availability!

    Is there an impact (cost/work, etc) if the booking type is proposed Vs. committed. Also, difference between “generic” and “Budget” in the resource availability

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