You can change the project start date … later

We prepare a project plan assuming the work will start on a particular date. You insert the tasks, dependencies, set constraints and deadlines to them.

Later, you are told the project starts after one month. You might think this is very easy change to do. Click Project tab, click Project Information command, and change the Start Date to say 3 Nov 2014

You will notice Project displays a series of alerts that certain tasks is scheduled before new project start date, and also constraint dates of some tasks will be invalid as they are with respect to earlier project start date. Now, you need to rework on changing the constraint dates and deadlines of tasks.

Is there a better way to change the project start date that moves the constraint dates/deadlines relative to the project start date?

Yes. You can use the Move Project command in Project ribbon. In Move Project dialog, enter the new project start date and also check Move deadlines. Though the check box label is "Move deadlines" this affects both deadlines and constraint dates.

Now, Project will adjust the deadline date and constraint date relatively for all tasks.

Don’t fear if your project is rescheduled. Your Move Project command is just a click away!!


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