Control the default creation location of project online projects

With the new Project Home page, users can see the recently accessed projects across PWA sites and roadmaps. This page has a option to create a new Project with one click. This saves a lot of time as I don’t remember the looong URL.

Yet the challenge was the new Project will always be created in the default Project Web Access site.

What if there are multiple PWA sites? Can you change the default location?

Microsoft heard this challenged and solved it! In User Voice, this idea – Project “Home” better compatibility with multiple PWA sites – is implemented.

Now, users can change the default PWA from Project Home page.

  1. On the Office 365 navigation bar, select the settings icon, and then choose Default PWA site.
  2. In the Change default PWA site dialog box, you’ll see the current PWA site URL.
  3. Type the new PWA site URL. You should have at least read permission to that PWA site URL.

The default PWA will impact the behavior of two options in Project Home page.

First, Go to Project Web App link. This link will redirect the user to default PWA site. The user should have read permission on this default PWA site.

Second, Create New Project option. This option will create a new Project Online project in default PWA site. The user should have create permission on this default PWA site.

This is a great improvement and saves time. Yet when there are multiple PWA sites and the user needs to create a Project in non-default PWA site, they need to navigate to the respective PWA site to create the project. If you agree with me, vote for this idea.


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