A beautiful way to be away from the devilish details – consolidate equivalent resources

Your team may have equivalent resources who can substitute each other. As a project manager, you can spend less time to maintain their details by consolidating their details.

A project team has three support staffs to handle the customer queries. This is a self organizing team with equivalent individuals who can take tasks as much they can do. As a project manager, you want consolidate their details to be away from the individual details.

In the Resource Sheet view, insert a "Support staff" resource and change the Max Units to 300%. 300% means you have 3 resources available 100% of their working time. When the work is given for more than 3 staffs (300%), Project will mark "Support staff" in red color

In this plan, after the pilot support is complete the team can handle customer calls and reply to customer queries.

You want one support staff to handle the pilot support. After the pilot is complete, you want the team to self organize and decide on the two individuals in-charge of answering the customer calls and one staff in-charge of replying to customer queries. They might want to substitute later, but you don’t want those details in your plan 🙂

You will now assign 1 "Support staff" to Pilot Support task, assign 2 "Support staff" to Answering customer calls and the remaining one resource to reply to customer queries.

After assignment, split the view and bring the Resource Graph on the bottom. Resource Graph will help you to understand how the support staff are occupied in this project.

In case you have assigned more work for these three staffs, Project will display a red color stick man in Gantt Chart and the excess work will displayed in red in Resource Graph

Are you ready to consolidate your equivalent resources? Share your thoughts.


One thought on “A beautiful way to be away from the devilish details – consolidate equivalent resources”

  1. This is a useful concept, I think it will also work well in the proposal stage when you dont need to use a named resource but a generic resource like developer/Tester

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