All about “Entire organization”

Have you enabled a feature to “Entire organization” in tenant settings? Have you shared a report or app to “Entire organization”?

If yes, are we referring to the same set of users in tenant settings and in workspaces? This blog post is to help you understand the differences.

You might have noticed the wording “Entire organization” and “People in your organization” in many places within Power BI service.

We will start this blog post with who are the users in my Azure AD. It has two internal users, and one external user (guest).

Let’s say you have an app workspace that has three items – dataset, report, and dashboard.

Workspace items

You used the “Share” feature of the report to share the report “Customer Statistics” with “People in your organization“. Then, you create an app with the report and dashboard as items, and granted access to everyone in “Entire organization

Sharing report to “People in organization”
Grant access to “Entire organization” to install and access the app

Will the shared content be accessible by both internal and external users? Take a moment to think!

The wording “Entire organization” or “People in your organization” WITHIN the workspace refers to internal users only. Yes! External users will not be able to access these items unless you have granted explicit access to them. If you need to give access to external users, then give them direct access on the Manage Permissions page of the report, and for apps grant access to both internal and external users using “Specific users or groups”.

Now, let’s turn to the “Tenant settings” page. Many of the settings on this page have “The entire organization” as one of the options.

Let’s say you don’t want “External users” to export reports as PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents.

As per the definition of “Entire organization” in the previous segment, it includes internal users only. So, let’s apply “Export reports as PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents” setting to “The entire organization“.

The external user can export the files as presentation and PDF.

What is the reason for this behavior?

In Tenant Settings, “Entire organization” includes all users – both internal and external users. So, if you want to restrict or allow only a subset of the users to use a feature, then add them to a security group and apply the setting to “Specific security groups“.


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