Every team member can now update task completion in Project for the web for free!

In Project for the Web, you would have noticed users assigned with certain E3/E5 licenses have view access to the Project and Roadmaps. This means they don’t need to have a Project Plan license to just view the Roadmaps and Project for the web that are shared with them.

Now this has changed! This change is better than the previous.

Users with E3/E5 license can now update “% Complete” of their assigned tasks in any project they are part of. They don’t need to have Project Plan license to update the task progress.

This change is significant as it increases the adoption of using Project for the web across enterprise and makes it more affordable.

  1. Benefit to cost ratio is higher: The project manager should have Project Plan license and their team members can just have E3/E5 license.
  2. Collaboration: This improvement will change team communication: team members take ownership of updating the task on a frequent basis and help everyone to know the progress of project till this moment.

Project managers will not notice any change in the way they assign tasks to team members. Team members must be part of Office 365 group of the current project to see and update their assigned tasks.

Remember to choose “Assign and add”

Team members, with E3/E5 license, will now notice a label “Limited access” against their project. They will now be able to mark their tasks as complete or update its “% Complete”


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