Power BI: Enhance your visuals by custom tooltips

This map visual’s tooltip displays the country name and its sales amount. You can now enhance this tooltip to display additional context and information for users viewing the visual.

It is a simple process to create a custom tooltip.

Step 1: Create a report tooltip page

You need to mind that tooltips display over the report, so you might want to keep them reasonably small. Then in the Format pane change the Page Size to Tooltip. This provides a report page canvas size that’s ready for your tooltip.

Step 2: Register your tooltip report page

You then need to configure the page  to register it as a tooltip, and to ensure it appears in over the right visuals. In Page Information, turn on Tooltip

Step 3: Change the page size

By default, the report canvas fits to the available space on the page. To know how the tooltip would appear on the visual select Page view > Actual size.

Step 4: Create the Tooltip visual

Step 5: Manually setting a report tooltip

As per the documentation, “You specify which field or fields apply by dragging them into the Tooltip fields bucket, found in the Fields section of the Visualizations pane” but Tooltips fields bucket is not available in the new Filters pane. So, I suggest manually setting a page to the visual.

Select the visual for which the tooltip should be displayed. Then in the Visualizations pane, select the Format section and expand the Tooltip card.

Now, hovering over the country name, say United States, the country name is passed as filter to the Tooltip page and the tooltip displays the Sales amount over time for that specific country.


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