Submit Time and Task progress in one screen. Are you crazy?

In my previous post titled TIME. TASK PROGRESS. ARE THEY DIFFERENT?-, I wrote about the two methods to report time and task progress.

This method works perfect when timesheet and task progress must be submitted separately. What if the organization wants users to report timesheet and task progress in one screen.

Why would they want to do this?

There are many reasons for it

  1. Time entered against each task in Timesheet page should synchronized with the task progress in Task page
  2. Task progress must be reported by hours of work done per period

The catch here is if you combine both task progress and timesheet in one page, PWA forces all projects in that instance to use this method. So, think twice before making this choice.

So, let’s say the organization wants users to report time and task progress in one go, where do you start?

  1. In PWA Settings, select Timesheet Settings and Defaults
  2. By default, Single Entry Mode option is deselected.
    1. This means time is tracked in Timesheet page and Task progress is tracked in Task page
    2. This also means Timesheet is approved by Timesheet manager, and Task progress is approved by Status manager.
  3. Select Single Entry Mode option

Turning on Single Entry mode will impact users, projects and approval.

+ Team members of all projects in that instance must use Timesheet page to enter time and task progress. What if they use Task page? Task progress entered in Timesheet page will be synchronized against the tasks in Task page. As this will cause confusion, it is better to remove Tasks link from the Quick Launch

+ Team members of all projects in that instance are forced to report their hours worked on each task per period. You can’t report by Percent of work complete, or actual and remaining work.

+ Timesheet Policies with respect to approval is changed. Status managers must approve the task progress before Timesheet managers can approve the corresponding timesheets.

This one is a problem. Though it is recommended to turn off Tasks link and turn on Timesheet link in Quick launch, yet you can show both these links as the details are synchronized. This will create a problem when you using the Mark complete button in Task page.

“Mark complete” marks the selected tasks to 100% complete for its entire duration. This means even if the selected task has some work in future period, it will still be marked 100% complete and its actual work will be synchronized with the corresponding timesheet line item. This is not you would expect.

There is no way to disable or remove this button. Better turn off Task page to avoid this problem and confusion.

Microsoft listens to users and make Project better. If you would want Microsoft to fix this issue, vote for this idea –


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