Announcement : Agile in Microsoft Project

Microsoft is excited to announce (literally just announced at the Ignite session!!!) that they will be releasing MS Project Agile v1 to our Insiders Fast build 16.0.8625.1000 this week. If you are on this build or later you will be the first MS Project users to get your hands on our new MS Project Agile v1 feature!

Use Agile in MS Project

Project Managers can use simple, visual task boards that support Scrum, Kanban, or custom workflows

  • Visually manage your projects and tasks using agile-style views
  • Plan work in iterations using sprints or choose a Kanban-like workflow to track ongoing status and limit work-in-progress
  • Customize workflows to meet your project’s tracking and reporting needs

Choose your work style

Project managers can choose whatever methodology makes sense: agile, waterfall, or hybrid.

  • Manage task-oriented projects using agile-style views
  • Use Gantt views for projects that require upfront planning, resource balancing, and critical path analysis
  • Manage sub-projects within a larger project using agile-style views while using a Gantt view for the overall project

Maintain Transparency

PMO can centrally manage different types of projects with governance and visibility

  • Maintain governance of standards and processes across teams and projects
  • Gain visibility across projects whatever work styles are being used to manage them
  • Use out-of-the-box and custom reports to report across projects or focus on status specific to agile-style workflows

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