What are you starting now?

I recently came across this interesting question from Algola in MPUG Discussion Forum


In other words, the solution should work for the below scenarios
Scenario 1: Unstarted tasks without any predecessors

Scenario 2: Unstarted tasks with all predecessors 100% complete

Let me demonstrate how this can be done using VBA Macros

1. Click View tab. Click Macros dropdown and select Visual Basic


2. In the editor, double click your current project on the left panel. This will display the code editor.
3. Now, insert a procedure named ReadyToStart by selecting Insert menu, and then Procedure.

4. Inside the ReadyToStart procedure, write this code to loop through all the tasks in the current project

5. We will now use the Marked field to indicate whether the task is ready to start or not. If the current task is not yet started, set Marked to True otherwise False

6. If the current task is not yet started then check if predecessors, if any, are completed or not

7. After marking the tasks, we will now highlight these tasks by creating a filter Ready To Start

The complete code is shown below

8. Now to run this macro click View tab. Click Macros dropdown and select View Macros. Select the macro ReadyToStart and click Run button


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