The Purpose of ‘% Complete’ field

Are you one among those who think % Complete field indicates the real work that is completed?

Are you someone who is looking why doesn’t Project update % Complete field every time the file is opened?

Why should we have three fields to measure progress: Percent Complete (% Complete), Percent Work Complete (% Work Complete), and Physical % Complete when they should be same?

Project provides three % complete fields to measure the progress of the task: % Complete, % Work Complete and Physical % Complete

% Complete field is calculated based on task duration. For instance, a 10 day task is 30% Complete at the end of the 3rd day from the start date of the task. This task is late if the % Complete is less than the expected value as the status date.

% Complete is used only for task with duration based estimates. % Complete will vary when the user updates the remaining work and remaining duration fields.

% Work Complete field is calculated based on the effort spent by the resources assigned to the task. For instance, a resource is assigned to 10 days long task. The first five days he plans to spend 4 hours per day and the remaining days he plans 8 hours per day. On the 3rd day of the task, the % Work Complete field will be 20% and % Complete will be 30%. On the other hand, if the effort is 8 hours per day across 10 days, on the 3rd day of the task % Complete and % Work Complete will be 30%.

% Work Complete is used only for task with effort based estimates. % Work complete will not be same as % Duration complete the effort is distributed unevenly across the task.

Physical % Complete field requires the baseline with cost information and status date to be set. In this example, Sai and Adi have the cost rate as $1/hour and the status date is set to end of Friday. In the Task Usage view, inserting BCWS row on the time-phased data will display the planned cost (BCWS – Budget Cost Work Scheduled / Planned Value) till Friday

On Friday, Build 1 task has produced only 30% of the final output and Build 2 has produced 80% of the final output. After changing the Earned Value Method of these tasks to Physical % complete, the Physical % Complete is updated to 30% for Build 1 task and 80% for Build 2 task. In the Task Usage view, after inserting BCWP (Budget Cost Work Progressed / Earned Value) and ACWP (Actual Cost Work Progressed / Actual Cost)

So, the next time you update progress as yourself these simple questions:

1. Is this task estimated based on work or duration?
2. Is the value of work completed same as the duration or work completion?


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