Is there a way to set a default path to insert subproject?

You can divide a large project into smaller project and consolidate them by using Subproject command within Project 2013. This option is also used when you have cross dependencies between one project plan and another.

The project help manual at gives you step-by-step process to insert sub project to master project.

The challenge is : How to send the master project and inserted projects? Should the client create the same exact folder as the one created by the sender when inserting the sub projects?

The answer is as long as the master project and inserted projects are in the same folder when it was linked, you should be able to send the client the files. When the client opens the master project, files will link normally and be opened. Instead you can avoid this risk by creating a single file by removing the link between the master project and inserted project by selecting the insert project name, right click and select Information. Select the advanced tab and uncheck "Link to project" option.


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