Scheduling Nightmare with Fixed Duration tasks

You have 5 days fixed duration task assigned to a resource. The task is completed ahead of time and actual work spent by the resource is 20 hours. When you update the actual work to 20 hours and remaining work to 0 hours, you will observe Project WILL NOT update percent complete to 100%. You will also notice the ellipsis character (…) at the end of the Gantt bar for this task, indicating there is uncompleted Remaining Duration on the task.

Why does this happen?

Since the task is fixed duration, Project doesn’t reduce the total duration when the work is completed earlier. So, I would recommend you to begin looking for an ellipsis character at the end of any Gantt bar for an in-progress task.

To resolve the problem, the PM should change the Task Type for the completed task to either Fixed Units or Fixed Work. This change will not matter because the task is completed. Once done, Microsoft Project will shorten the Duration to the correct time span for the completed work, will reduce the Remaining Duration to 0d, will enter the correct Actual Finish date, and will mark the task as 100% complete.


One thought on “Scheduling Nightmare with Fixed Duration tasks”

  1. Prasad, great article and this has always been a struggle for our clients to understand. However, if you are using protected actual, it sometimes does not let you change the task type or change the remaining duration basically giving a message saying you are modifying the actual entered by the resource. However the resource has no actual entered for for dates in future (or the date after what the finish date of the task would be).

    Do you know how to set these tasks as complete.

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